The CPCA Certification Commission provides administrative and academic certification to Private Faith-Based Institutions of Higher Learning.


Private – meaning that it is not public. That is, not designed, organized, or controlled by local, state or federal governments (such as community/state junior or senior colleges and universities).

Faith-based – meaning Christus Primum (Christ First), and that the foundation of the institution rests upon the Scripture with full confidence in its inerrancy and infallibility. It means that such a foundation rests not an antiquated and outmoded relic of a less enlightened age, but the wise and intelligent embrace of the true wisdom of the ages.

Commission Leadership


Dr. Earle E. Lee


CPCA Founder & President


Dr. Larry D. Moulds

CPCA Certification Commission

Executive Director


Rev. Dr. Robert J Duncan Jr.

CPCA Certification Commission

Deputy Executive Director